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Trine is a side-scrolling action adventure game with challenging puzzles
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Trine is a side-scrolling action adventure game with challenging puzzles. The game setting is in a medieval fantasy kingdom where the king died and an undead army invaded the realm. You play with 3 very different heroes , each with his own abilities and skills and you need to fight against the undead.

The story begins when a Thief, Zoya, arrives at the Astral Academy in search for a treasure. She finds an artifact and once she touches it, she binds herself to it. A Wizard, Amadeus, was already in the Astral Academy and he saw through his telescope that the undead army was approaching and went deeper in the castle. He finds Zoya stuck to the artifact and upon touching it himself, he also remains stuck. A Knight, Pontius, also arrives to the castle and like the honorable knight he is, he wants to defend the castle against the undead. Along his journey he encounters the artifact with Zoya and Amadeus attached to it and he also touches it. After they all touch it, they disappear and then the Wizard remembers about the artifact. It is called the Trine and has the power to bind souls together. Only one hero can exist outside the Trine with the others remaining inside it. And so they begin their journey to better understand the artifact and defeat the undead.

The gameplay is really nice with the possibility to switch between heroes at any given time. Each of them has different abilities. Zoya, the Thief can shoot arrows and use a grappling hook which will attach to any wooden surface allowing her to swing between obstacles. Amadeus, the Wizard can move objects from a distance and can also create cube shaped objects and later on planks. Lastly Pontius, the knight, can attack enemies at close range with the use of his sword and also has a shield which can block falling debris, incoming arrows, or other harmful projectiles. Throughout the game it is necessary to switch between characters in order to advance and some puzzles can be solved by any of the 3, while some can only be solved by only one of them. The game is fast paced and even if one of the heroes dies, you can still continue with the other two, and once you reach a checkpoint the dead hero will revive.

The graphics are outstanding and the artwork is amazing. Even though it is a side-scrolling game, it creates a wonderful environment and the sensation that the actual world you are playing in is a lot bigger. Trine also has a physics engine, meaning that the objects you'll interact with, will simulate the real laws of physics and this makes for a very entertaining experience.

Overall, Trine is an outstanding game with a good story and many puzzles that can keep you entertained for a long time.

Dennis Niels
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  • Three totally different heroes to play with
  • Outstanding Graphics
  • Great Physics Engine
  • Smart and Intuitive puzzles
  • Fun story


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